it’s september 23rd here, which means it’s finally autumn.

she’s referencing this, in case you missed it. because married inner jokes and dorky flirting. 

happy equinox from the underworld, everyone

This makes me extremely happy on so many levels. I always loved the knowledge that they had a happy life together. Hades loved Persephone so much, and the feeling was quite mutual, they had a solid relationship with children they both loved, and he was unendingly loyal to her from what I can recall.

I also choose to believe the Jim Butcher version of the myth where Hades and Persephone loved each other, and Zeus and Athena hatched the plan of “Kidnapping” and coming up with the custody thing to get Persephone away from her controlling mother.

So I received word, and Loki was adopted. I got no other response to my inquiries of what hours were to come look at other dogs.

And my very belated last check from the nursing home came in, with no payout for my vacation and any sick time. Feels good to have a huge gap in my finances.

Glad though, that tomorrow I go pick up my baby. That makes all the bullshit worth it. I get my hubby back, and I can snuggle with him in our bed again. I need me some cuddles and smooches.

Maybe we will see a great puppy this weekend at a local shelter.